Will Transformers 4 Be a Darker Installment?

There’s a new Transformers coming to town this summer, Age of Extinction, but anyone who’s a fan of the series should know what to expect, especially with Michael Bay directing. But will the next installment be a darker one that’s not exactly for kids?

Transformers 4 Is Not a Reboot, Got That?

It’s been hard to tell what the next Transformers movie is going to be because there’s been a lot of confusing mis-information out there about it. Is it a reboot? A continuation of the last one? A movie that takes place in the universe with a whole new cast? At least the one thing we do know is that the Dinobots are in this one.

Mark Wahlberg Reveals More on Transformers Age of Extinction

Now that 2014 is almost here, it means the next Transformers film is closer to release. The fan boys can rant all they want about Michael Bay, but you’ll know they’ll come out in droves on June 27 when Transformers Age of Extinction is out in theaters. 

Michael Bay Apologizes For Nothing

Transformers: Age of Extinction is coming to theaters on June 27, 2014, and Michael Bay promises this next installment will be less goofy than the predecessors. But don’t think he’s apologizing for the sins of Transformers past…

Mark Wahlberg Talks Transformers

They said it couldn’t be done, but never say never. Michael Bay always swore up and down he’d never do another Transformers film, but thankfully for fans of the franchise he changes his mind a lot. After helming his dream movie, Pain and Gain, about muscle heads up to no good, Bay is indeed back for Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Transformers 4 Will Have the Dinobots

He swore up and down he’d never go back, but director Michael Bay is indeed making Transformers 4, starring Mark Wahlberg. Now word has come down the next installment will have the Dinobots, which should thrill Transformers fans to no end.

Why Mark Wahlberg passed up Star Trek

This year feels like it’s been flying by pretty fast, which means the next Star Trek movie will be upon us before we know it on May 17.

Is the Transformers 4 script leak legit?

In the internet age, it’s very difficult to keep anything under wraps, and Hollywood is always terrified of leaks.

Mark Wahlberg to helm hacker film

As we recently reported on TG, the film Sneakers just had its 20th anniversary, and WarGames will hit its 30th anniversary next year.

Wahlberg confirmed for Transformers 4

Development picks up on the new film in the wildly popular franchise.

Will Mark Wahlberg star in Transformers 4?

Before his big screen breakthrough in Boogie Nights, most people knew Mark Wahlberg as Mary Mark, the 90’s one hit wonder who also posed in his underwear for Calvin Klein.

Michael Bay's Pain and Gain

Michael Bay is doing a complete 180 with his next film, Pain and Gain, which is a relatively pared down movie, at least compared to his usual action fare.