Yahoo staff showin' Marissa the love

It seems that the people at the search engine outfit Yahoo do not like being told to "eat their own dog food". Yup, they prefer Outlook to Yahoo Mail, which is about as damning as eating poop over Marissa Mayer's baked goods (that's not a euphemism, she actually likes to bake stuff).

It’s not just Marissa Mayer—Larry Page is on an acquisition binge, too

Yahoo’s willingness to purchase any startup with a pulse has been the company’s dominant story this year, both in the press and among the Valley’s tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, another company has been on a similar, but far more quiet aquihiring spree: Google.In the first six ...

Yahoo beaten up by the French

Search engine Yahoo has given up on a cunning plan to buy a majority stake in online video website Dailymotion after the French government said that it did not want the buyout to take place.

Some thoughts on the Yahoo telecommute ban

I always thought the term "telecommuting" was funny. It’s obviously a relatively new word in the modern vernacular, where you’re working at home and you do a lot of communicating with your boss via phone and e-mail.

Yahoo revamps itself with site redesign

Yahoo's glory days have long since past, with the site playing second fiddle to Google for years now.

Yahoo staff given free iPhone 5s

Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer is giving every staffer at the company an early Christmas present - an iPhone 5, or other smartphone.

Yahoo has a shot at powerful future with new CEO

Company co-founder Larry Page wasn't exactly one of the most qualified Mountain View executives to take over Google when Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO.

Google's Marissa Mayer takes helm at Yahoo

Third time lucky, perhaps: Yahoo's hired yet another CEO, Google vice president Marissa Mayer.

Google upgrades search engine with refined UI

Google has upgraded its popular search engine with a refined user interface (UI)  that allows users to fully experience the "increasing richness" of the web.