The Year of Luigi is upon us

Nintendo has announced a year-long celebration of everyone’s second favorite plumber.

Trailer teases more New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC

A new trailer has arrived to preview the next installment of downloadable content (DLC) for New Super Mario Bros 2.

New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC comes 10/4

It is truly a new age in the world of Nintendo gaming. In just a matter of a couple weeks, a new Mario game is getting additional content that users can download directly from their portable game system.

3DS firmware update fundamentally changes online infrastructure

The 3DS just gained the ability to do something other game systems have been doing for years.

Super Mario Bros exact launch date is unsolvable mystery

In a perfect example of just how fresh and new video games were just a couple decades ago, no one has a perfectly documented account of when the first copy of Super Mario Bros was sold.

PETA clarifies its Mario outrage

After sparking a world of criticism for calling the new Mario game a symbol of animal cruelty, PETA is now saying it was just a joke.

Mario faces raccoon cruelty claims

Yes, believe it or not this story is actually for real.

Nintendo to transform Times Square into Mario Land

You know something big is happening when a company pours out the massive dollars required to decorate Times Square for an entire day.

New Super Mario Bros tops lifetime DS sales record

For more than 20 years, Mario has been the undisputed icon of Nintendo - and dare we say it, the icon of the entire gaming industry. So it should come as no surprise that the highest-selling DS game to date is a Mario game.

What's the favorite Mario game of the man who created Mario?

The answer is one that won't surprise most people. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who will always go down in history books as the creator of Mario, says his favorite game to feature the action hero plumber is Super Mario World.

Special edition, Mario-themed red Wii goes to UK

The most colorful Wii console yet in its 4-year history is heading to the UK and inciting encouragement that it will be heading to the US as well.

Super Mario Bros turns 25 years old

On September 13, 1985, a little game called Super Mario Bros was released for the original Famicom system in Japan. 25 years later, few games have ever become as iconic.