Marines turn to solar in Afghanistan

A year ago, the U.S. Marines said they were going into full production with some easy-to-set-up solar power systems, and would be putting them to use in the field. They weren’t lying.

Video: Marines showcase Active Denial System

The US military currently fields a number of non-lethal weapons systems to disperse hostile crowds without resorting to deadly force, including beanbag rounds and rubber bullets.

US Navy goes big with GREENS Solar

For the US armed forces, going green is about climate change and energy security, but as much as anything it's about troop safety.

Marines embrace solar energy in Afghanistan

It's all about the mission. That's been the overriding message from the various branches of the U.S. military as they pursue renewable-energy solutions - and Marines in Afghanistan are providing real-world evidence to back that up.

Military can now Tweet, post to their Wall

The Pentagon announced late Friday that it has lifted bans on social media sites for military personnel, conceding that the restrictions were outdated and in some ways even counter-productive. The move comes as some branches of military have begun using sites like Twitter to communicate more effectively.