Social media prompted cops to release bombers' pictures

Last week, thousands of people took to social media in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, hoping to help identify the perpetrators. 

The Walking Dead zombie marathon marches on

AMC will be screening all 19 episodes of its wildly popular Walking Dead series this weekend.

Running the Dark Knight marathon

AMC will be screening a mega-Dark Knight Marathon right before the release of Rises on July 20. 

Get ready to go ape

It’s easy to not be aware of the fact, or to forget there were actually five Planet of the Apes movies back in the day, because the follow ups mostly weren’t that great, and the original 1967 Apes movie was an absolute classic. 

Robots compete in Japanese marathon

A 26.2 mile marathon is the ultimate test of endurance for any athlete. But could the same be true for robots? Well, onlookers gathered to watch five humanoid two-legged 'bots put to the test as they raced a full marathon on a closed course in Osaka, Japan.