Space-mad businessman announces manned trip to Mars

The world's first space tourist, Dennis Tito, has announced plans for a manned fly-by of Mars - crewed, he suggests, by a married couple.

Manned Mars mission wins initial funding

Dutch company Mars-One says it's won enough sponsorship money to create a reality TV show which it hopes will in turn fund a manned trip to Mars.

China's first manned space docking a success

China has successfully carried out its first manned space docking, according to official state media.

China readies manned space station mission

China has announced plans for its first manned space docking, and says it will launch the mission as early as this month.

Profs call for one-way mission to Mars

A Washington State University professor is calling for one-way missions to Mars - and says he'd be happy to volunteer himself.

Amateur team to test manned spacecraft next week

A group of Danish amateurs will next week launch its own rocket - with plans for a manned flight to follow if all goes well.