Windows Phone Mango to pioneer indoor maps

One of the newest features revealed to be included in Windows Phone Mango is the ability to bring up maps when you're in a mall.

Ballmer remains bullish on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer remains relatively bullish about the chances of Windows Phone 7 claiming significant mobile market share at some point in the near future.

Microsoft pushes WP7 Mango to "Christmas"

Microsoft originally used the word "fall" to describe when the huge update to its Windows Phone platform would arrive.

Samsung may bring 'Galaxy' brand to WP7

Samsung's popular Galaxy S2 Android phone is reportedly on its way to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft offers devs a basket full of Mangos

Microsoft is currently offering Windows Phone 7 developers early access to Mango. 

More Windows Phone Mango features revealed

The ability to chat with friends over Xbox Live is just one of the new features coming to Windows Phone's Mango update.

Microsoft wants expensive apps on Windows Phone

Microsoft thinks there are too many cheap apps out there.

HTC confirms Windows Phone Mango plans

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has confirmed it is working with the new version of Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7.5 will turn apps on their head

We've just gotten a first look at the first major update to Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 'Mango' will have 500+ new features

Tomorrow, Microsoft is set to unveil the new version of Windows Phone and it looks to be a massive update.

Microsoft details WP7 "Mango" specs

Microsoft is previewing the next version of its Windows Phone 7 operating system at TechEd 2011 in Atlanta.

What can we expect with this month's WinPho update?

Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone 7 event later this month, but will it be enough?

Major Windows Phone announcement coming this month

It looks like Windows Phone 7 may be getting a huge update on May 24.

Microsoft details Windows Phone 'Mango' update

If you're feeling fruity, this mobile operating system upgrade is designed for you.