New Windows Phone apps go dark, Microsoft scrambles

Microsoft has stopped publishing new apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace due to crippling issues with the platform's digital certificate system.

Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to debut on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is finally back in the spotlight again as the flagship carrier to offer a Windows Phone-powered Nokia handset in the US.

Samsung exec jumps to Windows Phone

Microsoft has managed to yank one of Samsung's senior executives as it tries to bolster attention and excitement for Windows Phone.

Microsoft eases Mango hardware requirements

In an effort to drum up more enthusiasm from manufacturers about the latest version of Windows Phone, Microsoft has relaxed the requirements for licensing the software.

Microsoft eyes third place in smartphone race

Sales of Windows Phone 7 handsets have been somewhat below Redmond's expectations thus far.

Microsoft wants manufacturers to pick up WP7 marketing tab

After spending millions of dollars on marketing and getting very little traction out of it, Microsoft now wants the phone makers to help spread the Windows Phone word.

Samsung users have to wait for Mango

It looks like Samsung will continue to be late to the game when it comes to mobile operating system firmware updates.

Windows Phone Mango - only the name sucks

There is a lot of irony in the Windows Phone platform; in fact you can almost use it as a metaphor for what is wrong with Microsoft. 

Windows Phone Mango goes live

The new version of Microsoft's mobile operating system has begun making its way to select Windows Phone owners.

Samsung to launch Mango phone next month

Samsung has just confirmed its first phone with Windows Phone Mango pre-intalled will launch next month.

Report pinpoints Mango update to begin on 9/27

Just about one day after Microsoft confirmed that Mango was ready to be peeled in a couple weeks, a report has come out to suggest a specific launch date.

Mango to appear in next two weeks

Microsoft's Mango update to Windows Phone should be hitting users' handsets in the next two weeks, the company has confirmed.

Microsoft updates, explains Mango app rules

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of its new version of Windows Phone, popularly known as Mango.

AT&T gets serious about Windows Phone 7

AT&T has confirmed that it will be launching three new 4G handsets powered by Mango - the latest version of Microsoft’s rapidly evolving Windows Phone operating system.

Windows Phone 7 reaches 30,000 app milestone

It may have had some pretty major snags so far, but developers are still willing to rally behind Windows Phone 7.

webOS devs jump ship to Windows Phone 7

Devs jumping off the sinking webOS ship are hoping Microsoft can throw them a Windows Phone 7 life-preserver. 

Windows Phone market share falling fast

Since the launch of Microsoft's new mobile operating system, the market share of Windows-powered smartphones has fallen 38%.

Microsoft slightly tweaks Windows Phone logo

The official logo for Microsoft's new mobile phone platform has been given a mini-facelift.

WP7 Mango dev tools get updated

Microsoft has just released a new version of the software development kit for the updated version of its Windows Phone software, Mango.

World's first WP7 Mango phone will be in Japan

Toshiba-Fujitsu's IS12T will be the first smartphone in the world to carry Microsoft's updated version of Windows Phone out of the box.