Zod goes up against the Man of Steel

Yes, we all know there's another Superman in the works, a reboot called Man of Steel, and it's being made by Zack Snyder, who came on strong with 300, but came up short with Sucker Punch. 

The evolution of Marvel and DC

The major publishers of super hero comic books are clearly going through some steep transitions. There are ups and downs, and neither DC or Marvel is immune to woes.

Cavill: Man of Steel is the New 52 Superman

Henry Cavill has confirmed that his portrayal of Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel is based on the recently modified character depicted in the DC relaunch.

Rumor: Batman/Superman film in development

Is Warner Bros. making a Batman/Superman team-up flick?

A first look at Cavill’s Superman

Warner Bros. has released an image of Henry Cavill in his costume for the new Superman adaptation, Man of Steel.

On Kevin Costner and Django Unchained

I'll preface this one with the full disclosure that I'm not a fan of this guy, so it's amazing to see that Kevin Costner's been on quite a roll lately with roles.

Photos from the Plano Man of Steel Set show up online

Take a look at the Smallville buildings which are being constructed in Plano. Warning: possible spoilers ahead.

On Superman Man of Steel and General Zod

I'm really not very interested in the latest reboot of Superman, Man of Steel, because frankly, I'm not sold on Zack Snyder.