The men who would be superheroes

We all hear stories about who was up for this role or that role in big movies, and how funny it would be if, say, Tom Selleck played Indiana Jones.

Is the Justice League movie already in trouble?

With the massive success of The Avengers, which made about a quadrillion dollars, superhero teams are the hot thing right now.

Get ready for Man of Steel bling

One of the many great boons that Star Wars brought to the movie business is merchandising.

Man of Steel may be dark, but not dark enough for "R"

Some time ago, we discussed the possibility of a major superhero film eventually being awarded an R rating.

Russell Crowe (Jor-El) talks and Superman

As wild, crazy and difficult as he’s known to be, there’s no doubt Russell Crowe has put in some great performances.

What the world needs now is Man of Steel

One of the greatest things about movies is they can make us feel heroic in times of despair.

Comparing Da Vinci and Batman

Screenwriter David Goyer has quite a career. He first broke through with his scripts for Dark City and the big screen adaptation of Blade.

The most anticipated genre films of 2013

We had a great year of genre films in 2012, but there are quite a number of movies we're anticipating in ‘13 as well. 

Further reflections on The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel

Once Batman is completed, where do you go next? Oh right, we have Man of Steel coming next summer, the next Avengers in a couple of years, and yet more Spider-Man films.

Man of Steel trailer saves the bus

Warner Bros. has posted the first full-length trailer for its upcoming Superman reboot.

From the Dark Knight to Man of Steel

The Dark Knight Rises is now officially out on DVD and Blu-Ray, and it’s amazing to think that after waiting for so long, the Christopher Nolan Batman sagas are finally done.

A closer look at Man of Steel

While Batman has already been successfully rebooted, Superman still has a ways to go, hence Man of Steel, which hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

Man of Steel converted to 3D

While I couldn’t recall hearing or reading anything about the new Superman flick, Man of Steel, being up for a 3D conversion, it makes sense the movie would be on the fast track for 3D treatment.  

Towards a new Man of Steel

So many people in Hollywood love to complain about how a movie has to be rushed because of the merch and swag.

Reinventing Superman with Man of Steel

Everyone has probably already seen the teaser trailer for Man of Steel, which played before The Dark Knight Rises.

A new Lois for a new Superman

The DC Universe has shifted the way the character of Lois Lane meshes with Clark Kent. Will the world follow along?

Man of Steel teaser finds two voices

Warner Brothers has released a two teaser trailers for its new Superman adaptation, Man of Steel.

Man of Steel moves into post-production

Man of Steel Director Zach Snyder confirms that principle photography is complete for his Superman adaptation, showing off some of the unfinished footage at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego.

New details surface for Man of Steel

We’ve heard very little about the new Superman movie over the past six months. Occasional rumours about plot points or supposed set leaks have surfaced, but substantial news was absent since filming kicked off in the winter.

Leaked poster spoils Man of Steel details

An anonymous source has leaked an image of what appears to be a promotional poster for the upcoming Superman readaptation, Man of Steel.