Woolly mammoth remains found in France

The near-complete remains of a woolly mammoth skeleton have been discovered on the banks of the river Marne near Paris, France.

Young dog walker discovers mammoth

An eleven-year-old Russian boy has discovered what appears to be one of the best-preserved mammoth carcasses ever found.

Oldest mammoth-ivory workshop discovered

Archaeologists have revealed the oldest ivory workshop in the world, in Germany's Saxony-Anhalt region.

Mammoth was killed by lions, then butchered by humans

A baby mammoth found in Siberia may have been killed by lions before being snatched by human beings.

Mammoth find raises hopes of successful cloning

A Japanese team which has been hoping to clone a mammoth says that a specimen discovered this summer looks likely to yield up the necessary DNA.

Mammoth blood proteins could be used in major surgery

The blood from woolly mammoths is helping scientists develop new blood products for medical procedures such as heart and brain surgery.

Japanese team confident of cloning a mammoth

A Japanese team is planning to try to bring mammoths back to life after establising a way to extract DNA from their frozen cells.