IBM issues cyber-security warning

IBM has issued a rather dramatic cyber security warning alongside its mid-year X-Force Trend and Risk Report.

Report: Trojan may have aided Madrid air crash

Authorities investigating a deadly 2008 Madrid air crash have discovered that a central (ground-based) computer system used to monitor technical problems on the aircraft was infected with Trojan horses.

Cameron Diaz is riskiest celebrity search

Cameron Diaz is now the most dangerous celebrity to search for on the web, with a ten percent chance of landing on a malicious site.

Millions of parked websites infected by malware

Millions of websites hosted by Network Solutions may have been dishing out malware for months.

Embedded malware hidden in image files

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) has positively identified a malicious script embedded in image files.

Hapless search engines distribute malware

Did you know that search engines such as Bing and social networks like Twitter are chronic distributors of nefarious malware?

Malware embedded on Dell motherboards

A number of Dell motherboards may have been infected with malware code injected into embedded server management firmware.

Cybercriminals launch multi-stage attacks

Cybercriminals have reportedly increased their effectiveness by launching "multi-stage" attacks that combine messaging with other Web activities. 

Apple updates OS X malware shield

Apple has updated its OS X malware shield to protect against a backdoor Trojan horse that could theoretically allow hackers to gain control over an iMac, MacBook, or Mac Mini.

Warning: Microsoft Windows scam alert

No, this article isn't accusing Microsoft Windows of being a scam. *Cough*

Report: Samsung Wave ships with infected memory card

A number of Samsung S8500 Wave smartphones have reportedly shipped with a malware-infected memory card.

Japanese police bust malware extortionist ring

Japanese police have arrested two individuals accused of spreading a nefarious piece of malware that stole personal information and posted it on the Internet.

Hackers target WordPress in large scale attack

Hackers have reportedly targeted a number of websites powered by the popular WordPress platform.

Microsoft takes on software pirates with regional crime labs

Microsoft has established nine regional crime labs around the world to counter the supposed scourge of software counterfeiting.

Fake Anti-virus Software Roolz

Researchers at Google have discovered that Fake AV accounts for 15% of all malware the company has detected on the web, and 50% of that delivered by ads.