Google warns users of malware on Windows

Google sometimes does good deeds for the Internet community. They are using the wide reach of the Internet to inform Windows users of potential malware threats on their computer.

PC components sometimes preloaded with malware, says official

Congress has been warned that imported software and hardware components are being deliberately infected with spyware and malware.

Search results for Bin Laden death riddled with malware

Security experts are warning that the death of Osama Bin Laden is being exploited by hackers in order to spread malware.

MACDefender malware targets OS X users

Security researchers have identified a new strain of OS X malware dubbed "MACDefender."

Naughty Android app steals data from "pirates"

Sometimes it seems as if everyone is trying to rain on Google's Android parade - including naughty cyber criminals.

Kaspersky: Number of smartphone threats has doubled

The number of smartphone users is growing exponentially every day. Devices once considered the domain of the privileged classes are now affordable to the masses, with some selling for as little as $100.

Google moves to counter Android malware

Google security experts have removed a number of malicious apps recently published in the Android Market.

Google pulls 21 popular apps in malware alert

Google has kicked 21 apps out of the Android Market for being stuffed full with malware.

Cyber criminals target smartphones

It seems as if nefarious cyber criminals are now seriously targeting mobile devices as well as PCs. Indeed, malicious attacks against mobile phones increased by a staggering 46 percent last year.

China in Android malware crackdown

Beijing has kicked off a crackdown against handset vendors deliberately distributing Android-powered mobile phones infected with stealth malware.

There is malware in the Cloud

Unfortunately, the scourge of malware isn't limited to terrestrial-based Windows computing.

Smartphone malware at an all-time high

PC and Mac users are more educated than ever about viruses and phishing attacks, so what's a hacker to do? Turn his attention to smartphones, of course.

Feds bust ZBot mules in Wisconsin

US law enforcement officials have apprehended two suspected ZBot "mules" in Wisconsin.

Got a Mac? How about a virus?

Mac OS X may not be as vulnerable to nefarious worms, trojans and viruses as a Windows-based PC. 

Nevertheless, the popular operating system can hardly be characterized as 100% secure.

Nefarious Mac OS X trojan spotted in the wild

SecureMac has positively identified a nefarious trojan horse that affects Mac OS X - including Snow Leopard (10.6) - the latest version of the popular operating system.

Symantec counters malware threat with Ubiquity

Symantec is stepping up its fight against malware with the introduction of a next-gen platform dubbed "Ubiquity."

US military preps for fast-paced digital warfare

A high-ranking US military official has warned that the threat of cyber-warfare is rapidly "redefining" the front lines of national security.

Zeus malware targets LinkedIn users

Cisco security researchers have positively identified a malicious spam campaign targeting LinkedIn users with fake contact requests.

Report: Cybercriminals create 57,000 malware sites per week

Frenetic cybercriminals are reportedly creating 57,000 malware-based websites per week to exploit high-profile brand names.

TechCrunch Europe issues belated malware warning

TechCrunch Europe is sounding the all clear after recovering from a recent attack by hackers who planted a malicious script on the popular site. However, the comments section remains locked down while TC attempts to "track down" any remaining malware "issues."