How to identify malicious Android apps on Google Play

"How do I know that the new installed app behaves as described?" asks Andreas Zeller, professor of software engineering at Saarland University. So far experts have identified so-called malicious apps by checking their behavior against patterns of known attacks. "But what if the attack is brand-new?" asks Zeller.

Security vulnerabilities found in Android apps

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have determined that popular texting, messaging and microblog apps developed for the Android smartphone are hobbled by security flaws that could expose private information or allow forged fraudulent messages to be posted.

Are BlackBerry owners more malicious?

Benign envy sells iPhones, but malicious envy impels people to buy BlackBerries, new research has found.

AVG touts Threat Labs beta initiative

AVG has introduced an online tool known as "Threat Labs" that allows users to help counter nefarious cyber-criminals by reporting and steering clear of malicious websites. 

Oracle patches critical Java vulnerability

Oracle has issued an emergency patch to seal a critical Java vulnerability that allowed hackers to install malicious software on Windows-based systems.