Aaeon EPC-CV1 is an Atom-powered single-board computer

Aaeon's EPC-CV1 is powered by an Intel Atom N2600 x86 processor, which is somewhat of a rarity when it comes to single-board computers, as most are equipped with RISC-based ARM chips. 

VIA debuts APC Paper and Rock, where are the scissors?

Back in August 2012, Via rolled out its ARM-powered APC computer board at a sweet $49 price point. 

Asus 'board rocks AMD C-60 dual-core CPU

There has been a huge surge of DIY mini PCs hitting the market lately.

Raspberry Pi 2.0 spotted in the wild

The wildly popular $35 Raspberry Pi  made waves when it first launched in March.

Hackberry A10 dev board launches for $60

It seems like the Allwinner A10 chipset is becoming the go-to processor for a new generation of low-cost Android-powered computers.

Nvidia Tegra 3 mini-ITX mainboard surfaces from Kontron

Times are definitely good for devs and modders looking for cheap Android-Linux hardware to turn into small little desktop computer or HTPCs.

Raspberry Pi wants to sail across the Atlantic Ocean

The bare-bones Raspberry Pi mainboard is an interesting device that has won accolades from geeks and tech enthusiasts.