Mad Max Fury Road is Now a 2015 Contender

The reboot of Mad Max, Fury Road, hasn’t had an easy time heading back to the big screen. The film was supposed to have wrapped back in December 2012, but as we just reported here on TGD, it just had to go back for some recent reshoots. 

Tom Hardy Talks Mad Max: Fury Road

There’s been a new incarnation of Mad Max in the works for quite some time now, and while the original and the Road Warrior are both beloved to fans, there’s a new generation of people who have no idea who the character is. (Not to mention todays’ generation has no idea that Mel Gibson was actually cool at one point in time, but this was last century we’re talking about here…)

Mad Max: Fury Road raises a dust cloud

Mad Max is on its way back to us across the dusty roads of South Africa.

5 movies to look forward to in 2013

Here are some films you might not be paying attention to yet.

Mad Max: Fury Road moves forward

After a long delay, the next film in the classic franchise is moving forward.

New Mad Max could turn into a trilogy

The original Mad Max film turned into a trilogy which ended in the mid-80’s. George Miller is currently working on a fourth movie, and despite multiple stumbling blocks, may be considering the possibility of kicking off yet another trilogy.

Mad Max delayed again

After a rather extended rain delay, Mad Max will begin filming again in about 6 months. Well, maybe.