Google buys Apple stuff but Apple doesn't buy Google stuff

Google has decided that it is best to have security by obscurity and has invested in shedloads of expensive Macs.

Report: Apple still wants to move Macs away from Intel chips

A recently published report confirms that Apple is still interested in moving its Mac product line from Intel x86 chips to RISC-based ARM processors.

A fifth of Macs 'contain malware'

One in five Macs is harboring malware, says security firm Sophos - and not just the native kind but the Windows variety too.

HP concedes 2012 to Apple

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, who says Apple is doing a "great job," has acknowledged that Cupertino will likely outpace HP and become the world's leading PC manufacturer in 2012.

Apple eyes USB 3.0 for next-gen Macs

Apple is reportedly considering the independent implementation of USB 3.0 alongside Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol in next-gen Macs.

Macs can be hacked through battery vulnerability

Security expert Charlie Miller of Accuvant says he's discovered that Apple laptops are vulnerable to being hacked through the chip that manages battery charging.

Google focuses on Chrome laptop adoption

Google's initial release of its long-awaited Chrome operating system is expected to focus on the lucrative laptop sector.

Western Digital deploys 600GB VelociRaptor

Western Digital has refreshed its VelociRaptor lineup with two new 10,000 RPM SATA hard drives.