Machete Kills Director Goes Through His Favorite Genre Movies

Okay, so Machete Kills hasn’t been getting great reviews, at least one missive we’ve read used the term “out of gas” to describe it, but there was a point where Robert Rodriquez was actually a very clever, inventive director, and made good movies. 

Machete Kills Goes Over the Top

Any movie that has Charlie Sheen as the President and Mel Gibson as the villain…well, at least they got the second part right. We’re obviously talking about Machete Kills, which also features Sofia Vergara with a machine gun bra.

Machete Kills: red band trailer

Robert Rodriguez made a bucket load of cash on his Spy Kids movies. This ain't anything like them. And yes, that teaser image is Alexa Vega, one of those pesky kids all grown up. Did we mention the fact that Carlos Estevez (Charlie Sheen) plays the President of the United States!

Machete Kills full length trailer blows our mind

The awesomeness of Danny Trejo and Machete Kills is now available in a full trailer that includes Charlie Sheen as the President of the United States, Mel Gibson as the bad guy and Sofia Vergara's machine gun boobs. Yes, that's what I said!