What makes the MacBook Pro Retina Haswell special

The rumor is that MacBook Pro with the Intel Haswell processor will be released October 15, shortly followed by the general release of OS X 10.9 Maverick. The combination is supposed to give you greater power efficiency, hence battery life. It could also replace your aging MacBook Air.

Final for the day: summary update from WWDC 2013

Phew! They have said what they wanted to say. The high and mighty have handed down edicts on iOS7, Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks, the new Macbook Air, and iTunes Radio.

Apple WWDC Update: new Macbook Air uses Haswell, Safari doesn't suck as much, web developers will need to buy a new system

WWDC, Apple's annual orgy of announcements, self-love, and fanboy mania is also home to announcements that can shift billions of dollars around stock markets, from consumers into Apple's pockets, and from Google into Android updates.

Apple wants to redefine television for a new age

Apple has redefined mobile computing over the years with its wildly popular iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. So what's next for Cupertino?

Google Chrome crashing new Apple MacBook Airs

Google has acknowledged that a graphic resource leak in its flagship Chrome browser is causing a critical kernel panic issue on new Apple MacBook Airs.

Apple’s MacBook Air gets upgraded

Apple refreshed its wildly popular MacBook Air lineup on Monday, with new models featuring Intel Ivy Bridge processors and 720p FaceTime cameras.

MacBook Air wannabe runs Android 4.0

If you like the design and style of the MacBook Air, but just can't bring yourself to part with a thousand hard-earned dollars, you might want to check out this look-alike which recently tipped up at Computex.

Apple MacBook Air refresh gets detailed

Apple is reportedly preparing to refresh its MacBook Air lineup, which was last updated in July of 2011. 

Analyst: Ultrabooks are "just more of the same"

A J.P. Morgan analyst remains unimpressed with the current generation of Intel-powered Windows Ultrabooks, which he believes are "just more of the same."

Apple bolsters flash memory arsenal with Anobit purchase

Apple has clinched an acquisition deal with flash memory maker Anobit, which is based in the Israeli city of Herzliya Pituach. 

How AMD almost had a Llano MacBook Air

Apple's MacBook Air lineup is currently powered by Intel x86 processors. But AMD could have been a real contender with its LLano chip, or so the story goes.

Sexy MacBook Air makes Ultrabooks look bad (for now)

It seems as if Apple’s sleek and sexy MacBook Air is making the competition look rather unattractive in comparison.

Apple eyes quad-core ARM CPUs for mobile devices

Apple has embedded support for quad-core ARM CPUs in its Xcode developer tool. Such processors could one day power next-gen iPhones, iPads and even future MacBook Airs.

Are Intel Ultrabooks the future?

Ultrabooks are the future, according to Intel, but if you're more of an Apple fan you may be getting a bit of "back to the future" deja-vu with most new designs heavily modeled on the Macbook Air.

Vendors wary as Intel bets big on Ultrabooks

Intel may be betting big on Ultrabooks, but a number of first-tier notebook vendors plan on limiting their initial shipments to well below 50,000 units.

Lenovo wants to take on Apple’s MacBook Air

Lenovo wants to take on Apple’s sleek and sexy MacBook Air with devices like the Windows-powered ThinkPad X1.

Windows PC sales stagnate as Apple makes gains

The Windows-based PC market may be relatively stagnant, but Apple is poised to make significant gains during the second half of 2011.

Apple refreshes MacBook Air lineup

Apple has refreshed its already sleek and sexy MacBook Air lineup with next-gen Intel processors, Thunderbolt I/O, a backlit keyboard and Mac OS X Lion.

Rumor: Apple builds ARM-powered MacBook Air

A Japanese website claims Apple is testing an ARM-based MacBook Air powered by the same A5 processor as the wildly popular iPad 2.

Is Apple ditching Flash for the Mac?

It seems as if Club Cupertino has stepped up its war of attrition against Adobe by refusing to pre-install Flash on the new MacBook Air.