Evernote buys image editor Skitch

Evernote, maker of the cloud-based note-taking app of the same name, has taken over Australian firm Skitch, which produces a Mac app for editing and annotating photos.

Windows 7 to dominate PCs by the end of 2011

Microsoft Windows 7 remains on track to become the leading operating system (OS) in the PC market - running on approximately 42% of systems by the end of 2011.

Mac Mini says goodbye to the DVD drive

In an effort to save costs, Apple has stopped putting DVD drives in some of its low-end computers.

Apple rakes in $7.31 billion profit for Q3

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2011 third quarter, which ended on June 25. 

Apple wins in Mac-vs-PC satisfaction study

According to a new report, people who buy a Mac are more satisfied with their purchase and their purchasing experience than Windows PC buyers.

Skype bug lets hackers take over Macs

Australian security outfit Pure Hacking says it's discovered a zero-day bug in Skype that allows hackers to gain control of Mac OS X machines by sending an instant message.

Mac App Store brings in huge revenues

The Mac App Store, Apple's attempt at making a computer software download service as easy as the App Stores on iPhone and iPad, is already pulling in about half as many downloads as the iPad.

New Macbooks may be on the way

After Apple has stopped shipping its Macbook notebooks for about two weeks, and retailers have reportedly begun receiving notice not to open new shipments headed to their stores, it's being speculated that the new products are brand new, updated versions of the laptop computer line.

Macheads can now "try before you buy" Microsoft Office

If you're a Mac user and you absolutely cannot stomach the idea of paying for a Microsoft product, you can at least give Office a try for 30 days without spending a dime. Office for Mac has just introduced a trial program.

Apple scraps all restocking fees

Remember what an amazing, earth-shattering thing it was when Steve Jobs said buyers on a faulty iPhone 4 could return their defective device without paying a restocking fee? Well, apparently, the Earth just completely exploded.

Mac App Store zooms to a million downloads

There have now been more than a million "apps" downloaded from Apple's new online platform that makes finding a program for your computer as easy as finding an app for your phone. That didn't take long.

Mac App Store now live. Check out more than 1,000 apps

Apple's much talked about digital software store for the Mac operating system is now a thing of reality. Launching alongside the streamlined service is more than 1,000 apps, with a wide selection of both free and premium content.

Seagate GoFlexes OS X HDD lineup

Seagate has refreshed its lineup of external hard disk drives (HDDs) for Mac OS X.

Obama calls Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, epitome of American dream

It looks like President Barack Obama might be a MacHead, because when given the opportunity to call out someone as the best example of a man who has achieved the American dream he picked out Steve Jobs over everyone else.

Mac App Store = Death of current Web store

In an effort to get users to start using Apple's brand spanking new Mac App Store when it launches next month, the company will completely shut down its existing Web-based digital download store.

Mac App Store launching January 6

Downloading software programs for your Mac computer is about to get as easy as installing Angry Birds on your iPhone, as a completely functional "Mac App Store" is said to launch on January 6.

Mac App Store rumored to hit next week

The latest Apple scuttlebutt is that the company is scrambling hard behind the scenes to launch a new iPhone-like App Store for its home computer platform, and plans to have it ready for prime time by next Tuesday.

Got a Mac? How about a virus?

Mac OS X may not be as vulnerable to nefarious worms, trojans and viruses as a Windows-based PC. 

Nevertheless, the popular operating system can hardly be characterized as 100% secure.

Apple redefines the Mac with OS X Lion

OS X Lion, which ships next summer, is expected to offer users a sleeker, more iPad like experience.

Apple gets back to the Mac

Apple is apparently shifting its focus back to the shiny Mac after conquering the tablet market with its "magical" iPad.