Mac App Store eclipses 100 million downloads

In less than a year, Apple has managed to convert enough people to its computer software digital download platform to reach 100 million downloads.

Mac App Store brings in huge revenues

The Mac App Store, Apple's attempt at making a computer software download service as easy as the App Stores on iPhone and iPad, is already pulling in about half as many downloads as the iPad.

Mac App Store zooms to a million downloads

There have now been more than a million "apps" downloaded from Apple's new online platform that makes finding a program for your computer as easy as finding an app for your phone. That didn't take long.

Mac App Store cracked within 24 hours

Well, that didn't take long. Just a day after opening for business, Apple's Mac App store appears already to have been cracked by pirates.

Mac App Store now live. Check out more than 1,000 apps

Apple's much talked about digital software store for the Mac operating system is now a thing of reality. Launching alongside the streamlined service is more than 1,000 apps, with a wide selection of both free and premium content.

Mac App Store = Death of current Web store

In an effort to get users to start using Apple's brand spanking new Mac App Store when it launches next month, the company will completely shut down its existing Web-based digital download store.

Cydia OSX store offers Jobs-less alternative for Mac users

Cydia is planning to debut an alternative OSX app shop that will compete against Apple's official Mac Store when it launches in January 2011. 

Mac App Store rumored to hit next week

The latest Apple scuttlebutt is that the company is scrambling hard behind the scenes to launch a new iPhone-like App Store for its home computer platform, and plans to have it ready for prime time by next Tuesday.