Nokia Lumia 900 goes down to $50

Even at $100, Nokia is having trouble moving its Lumia 900 phone.

Nokia Lumia 900 phone goes pink

Nokia's Lumia 900 smartphone is now targeting a different segment.

Nokia Lumia 900 can be purchased for $49

The new, higher-end version of Nokia's Lumia phone is now available for just $49 on Amazon.

Nokia offers new Lumia 900 for free

Nokia's offering a $100 credit to customers who bought the new Lumia 900 through AT&T - effectively making the phone free - and is extending the offer to anyone buying it in the next ten days.

Lumia 900 opens for pre-orders in US

If you want the latest byproduct of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership, head to a Microsoft Store and stake your claim for a Lumia 900 smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 900 coming in March to AT&T

The second Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to launch in the US will be coming to AT&T.