LulzSec disbands after 50 day HackStock

Lulz Security is calling it quits after a 50 day HackStock which saw the enigmatic group target a number of corporate and government websites, including Sony, PBS, Fox, Bethesda and the FBI.

Lulz Security pwns and owns Arizona law enforcement

Lulz Security has published sensitive data hacked and extracted from Arizona law enforcement networks.

FBI seizes servers in brute force raid

The FBI seized a number of web servers during a recent data center raid in Reston, Virginia - a facility used by the Swiss-based hosting company Digital One.

Two snitches thrown off the Lulz Boat

Lulz Security has outed two alleged snitches after UK police arrested Ryan Cleary, a 19-year-old (loosely) linked to the enigmatic hacker group.

The Lulz Boat sails on unscathed

Lulz Security has denied that a senior member of the hacking group was arrested by UK law enforcement officials.

Sega Pass downed after pwnage

Sega's Pass service - which was pwned on Thursday by hackers - remains offline as of Friday afternoon.

Lulz Security clarifies ongoing operations

Lulz Security has issued an official communiqué explaining its hacking operations against various entities, including Sony, Bethesda, Eve Online, PBS, the FBI and CIA.

Lulz Security fires a DDoS salvo at online gamers

The online gaming world is reeling following a Tuesday filled with non-stop DDoS attacks against a number of industry heavyweights.

Lulz Security raids US Senate & Bethesda

The seemingly unstoppable Lulz Boat has apparently sailed past the digital security perimeters of both the US Senate and Bethesda Softworks. The good news? Lulz is really, really looking forward to Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Pron gets pwned by Lulz Security

Lulz Security has struck again, pwning and making off with the email addresses, logins and passwords of over 25,000 users.

Sony attempts to clarify Lulz Security hack

On June 2, Lulz Security claimed credit for an extensive digital raid against Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).

US hacker groups infiltrated by FBI, Secret Service

It is estimated 1 in 4 hackers in the US are informants for the FBI and Secret service. Is it crazy to now wonder if Lulz Security and Anonymous are really who they say they are?

Lulz Security pwns FBI affiliated website

The hacker group known as Lulz Security has reportedly pwned an FBI-affiliated website in retaliation for a recent U.S. DoD strategic report classifying cyber sabotage as an act of war.