How to play Skyrim without a discrete GPU

LucidLogix has rolled out a utility dubbed "DynamiX" which allows 
certain high-performance games to be played on mainstream, low-end laptops and Ultrabooks equipped with only an integrated GPU.

LucidLogix goes virtual for Sandy Bridge

LucidLogix has debuted GPU virtualization software designed for use with Intel's Sandy Bridge platform.

Lucid's Unity takes multi-GPU gaming to the next level

LucidLogix has taken multi-GPU gaming to the next level with the introduction of a new graphics board architecture for its advanced HydraLogix engine.

Multi-GPU gaming...It's on!

Tired of choosing between Nvidia and ATI? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds - on one kick-ass Asus motherboard powered by LucidLogix's Hydra 200 SoC.

LucidLogix clinches additional funding for multi-GPU gaming

LucidLogix has received an additional $8 million in VC funding to advance multi-GPU gaming with its Hydra 200 parallel processor.