LG's 5-inch Optimus LTE to come with NFC tags

LG's Optimus LTE phone has already turned heads with its 5-inch display and its 4:3 aspect ratio, but now it's gaining attention for another feature.

Verizon plans 4G pricing promotion

If you want to pick up a Verizon 4G LTE phone, this weekend is the time to do it.

Samsung's new Galaxy S2 phone is the Skyrocket

Launching on AT&T, the latest device to go under Samsung's "Galaxy" portfolio is called the Skyrocket HD.

Sprint announces flagship LTE cities

Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio will be the first major markets to experience Sprint's new super-fast 4G network.

Galaxy Nexus may be heading to Sprint

The latest version of the Google-optimized smartphone line may have Sprint in its future.

Verizon barely apologizes for 4G outages

Verizon is blaming the numerous 4G outages - three of which happened this month - on "growing pains."

First LTE Windows Phone will be on AT&T

Yet again, for some reason, AT&T has the honor of being the first choice for a new mobile initiative.

Sprint LTE rollout begins in earnest

Sprint has just launched Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G service for the first time, though it has about two years before the rollout will be complete.

AT&T wins go-ahead for Qualcomm spectrum purchase

AT&T may have failed in its bid to take over T-Mobile, but it has at least gained regulatory approval for its purchase of wireless spectrum from Qualcomm.

Yet another Verizon 4G outage

For the second time this month, Verizon 4G LTE customers were struck with an outage that completely suspended their data service.

Verizon restores 4G access after outage

Verizon's super fast 4G LTE network is growing bigger every day, but there are still some bumps like the one many customers experienced over the past couple days.

Motorola Xyboard will come in two sizes

The curtain has officially been lifted on the successor to Motorola's Android-powered Xoom tablet - the Droid Xyboard.

AT&T's first LTE phones to debut Nov 6

AT&T will be on par with the leader in wireless high-speed data next week when it fully flips the switch on its 4G LTE infrastructure.

Why Apple didn't launch the iPhone 5

Apple debuted its long-awaited, next-gen iPhone yesterday. But it wasn't the iPhone 5.

Xoom 4G upgrades finally begin

If you've been waiting months and months for the 4G upgrade you were promised when you bought your Xoom, the wait is finally over.

Sprint will go LTE in early 2012

It sure looks like LTE is the way to go, as Sprint looks to firm up its plans to transition to the highest-speed 4G data standard over the next few months.

Next LG Optimus phone to be HD, LTE

After somewhat muddled excitement with the Optimus 3D, it looks like the next phone to carry LG's new Optimus name will strive to gain more attention.

Verizon, Pantech to debut $99 LTE phone

The next phone to run on Verizon's powerful 4G LTE network will be the most affordable one to date.

AT&T 4G LTE network (aka, real 4G) launches 9/18

AT&T's rollout of its new high-speed mobile data network will officially begin on Sunday.

Qulacomm details next-gen Snapdragon chips

Qualcomm has outlined its plans for the next generation of RISC-based Snapdragon processors, which will boast significantly higher speeds and optimized graphics.