Wind turbines get the green light in Louisiana

They don’t really do wind power in the South – mainly because they don’t do much wind, with the exception of the occasional devastating hurricane of course.

Tweets say Hawaii is happiest state

Napa, California, is the US' happiest city, and Hawaii its happiest state. That's the conclusion of a research study from the University of Vermont, on the basis of the content of 10 million geotagged tweets.

Crab Nebula shocks scientists by dimming

The Crab Nebula  - long thought to be the most stable source of high energy radiation in the sky - has astonished astronomers by showing signs of dimming.

Kevin Costner dances with oil spills

Kevin Costner may be too old to dance with the wolves, but he is apparently young enough to help clean up a disastrous oil spill off the Louisiana coast.