San Andreas fault could pose wider risk than thought

The 'stable' zones thought to inhibit nearby earthquakes may actually make them worse, a new study shows, implying that California's San Andreas fault may be much more dangerous than believed.

California high speed rail on track despite uncertainties

It should have been a moment of celebration; the recent vote by California lawmakers to back the first phase of a high speed rail line in the state.

The pepper spray of Black Friday

A Los Angeles woman shot fellow Walmart shoppers with pepper spray as she fought to keep them from buying video games she apparently coveted.

Unplugging: Sunset Junction Street Fair is cancelled

A plethora of loss and a weird collabo from Converse is what MXDWN has to offer you this week. As time presses on, tragedy strikes and all we can do is sit back and take it.

Los Angeles basin at risk of major quake

More great news for Californians. Just a couple of weeks ago, they were told that they were at serious risk of a superstorm - and now they need to prepare for a major quake.

LA mass transit gets a whole lot greener

It's the end of an era in Los Angeles, where the city's Metro system reports that it has retired its last diesel bus. 

Al Gore school stands on top of toxic ground

Call it hilarious, offensive, or dangerous, but any way you slice it there will be controversy over a new school named after Al Gore that's opening for the first time next week.