SkyCycle concept wants to transform London into a biking utopia

It appears to be utterly unrealistic, but isn’t it always thus for a great advance when the idea is first floated?

The science behind a riot

Since the 1960's, participants of group riots have been viewed as rational individuals driven by a sense of injustice. However, Dr. Christian Borch claims this approach is misleading, at least in today's world.

Google plans £1 billion London HQ

Google's planning a huge corporate headquarters in London, closing two offices and moving onto a £1 billion site in King's Cross.

This green bridge is habitable

Designs for bridges today seem to have only one purpose: to get people from one side of an impassable space to the other as quickly, and cheaply, as possible.

YouTube opens professional studio for contributors

YouTube's opening a new 'creator space' in London offering professional help to budding film-makers.

Amazon opens new international development center

Amazon's announced plans for a new design and development center in London to focus on global digital media projects.

Rioters destroy Sony distribution center

Sony's main optical disk warehouse for the UK went up in flames last night as riots spread across London.

On BlackBerry Messenger and the London riots

Every time anything newsworthy happens, concerned citizens take to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, spreading text, images and videos.

Londoners less than keen on Underground cellphone plan

Huawei must be feeling rather hurt. It's offered to foot the £50 million bill for bringing cellphone coverage to the London Underground - and Londoners have given the plan a resounding thumbs-down.

Assange turns himself in to police

The chase is over: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has handed himself into the police.

Brits and Japanese queue all night for iPad

It didn't quite match the iPad's US launch, but hundreds of people waited outside Apple's London store all night to snap up one of the devices when it opened at 8.00 this morning.

US plans $1 billion moated embassy

The US is to build the world's most expensive embassy, in London. Described as super-high-tech, one of its main defences against terrorism is a moat.