Anonymous vows action after logo trademarked

Hacktivists linked to Anonymous have issued a call to action under the auspices of "Operation AnonTrademark" after a French company trademarked a logo commonly associated with the collective.

Batman in advance

When you see the bat signal at the local bus stop, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to  figure out there's another Batman movie on the way.

Apple trademarks Beatles logo

Apple's aiming to clear up loose ends by applying for a European trademark on the famous Granny Smith logo which appeared on Beatles records.

Team develops super-hi-def displays

A new, ultra-high definition color display technology has been developed, allowing a University of Michigan team to create an image of their logo measuring just nine microns high.

Google upgrades search engine with refined UI

Google has upgraded its popular search engine with a refined user interface (UI)  that allows users to fully experience the "increasing richness" of the web.