Google moves to help developers in patent lawsuit

Google's stepped in to try and defend Android developers from patent-holding firm Lodsys, calling for two patents to be reexamined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Lodsys's giant lawsuit now includes Angry Birds

The developer and publisher of Angry Birds now have a reason to be angry themselves, as a technology company called Lodsys is suing them.

Apple moves to support developers in patent fight

Apple's stepped in to try and defend iOS developers that have been targeted by patent-holder Lodsys.

Lodsys goes ahead with patent suits

Lodsys has delivered on its threat to sue iOS developers it believes is violating its patents, and has filed suit against seven companies.

Small iOS developers hit with patent suit

Several iOS developers have received warning letters from a company called Lodsys, which claims they are violating its patent for in-app software upgrades.