Nvidia GPUs track solar changes

Lockheed Martin (LM) astrophysicists are using Nvidia-powered GPUs to help track ongoing changes in the Sun.

Facial recognition gets 3D modeling makeover

Lockheed Martin and Animetrics are using interactive 3D modeling to recreate a subject's entire face.

Perimeter security goes high-tech

Lockheed Martin and Intelleflex have developed an advanced perimeter security system that uses modified firmware, interrogation protocols and tracking algorithms to prevent unauthorized infiltrations.

Twitter chatter could help save lives

Researchers from Lockheed Martin and the University of Maryland have kicked off a study of social media website chatter - which could theoretically be used to help emergency responders save lives during disasters.

Lockheed Martin eyes automated rifle-scope

Lockheed Martin is developing a rifle-scope attachment that will allow soldiers to accurately view targets at varying distances without changing scopes or decreasing optical resolution.

US Army test drives automated convoy vehicle

The US Army and Lockheed Martin recently tested an automated convoy vehicle designed to protect soldiers from ambushes and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks.

Unmanned helicopter autonomously resupplies US troops

Kaman Aerospace and Lockheed Martin have transformed a K-MAX helicopter into an unmanned "aerial truck" capable of autonomously resupplying US troops at forward operating bases (FOBs) in Afghanistan.

US military loses contact with experimental hypersonic vehicle

The US military has apparently lost contact with an experimental hypersonic vehicle over the Pacific Ocean.   

Lockheed Martin designs world's largest heat shield

Engineers at Lockheed Martin have successfully completed fabrication of the world's largest heat shield.