Skype security flaw allows location tracking

A glaring security flaw's been uncovered in Skype and other VoIP systems, potentially allowing hackers to access users' identities, locations and even files.

Microsoft faces phone tracking lawsuit

Microsoft's been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that the Windows Phone 7 operating system tracks its users geographically without their permission.

27,000 Koreans sue Apple over location tracking

You'd probably be a bit twitchy about privacy too if you lived right next door to North Korea - and 27,000 South Koreans have launched a class-action lawsuit against Apple over alleged location tracking.

The dystopian menace of electronic tattoos

Sometimes you go to bed happy and then you wake up pissed off because of some item in the news that shows we might soon become a technological authoritarian state.

Senators propose law to limit location tracking

Two US senators have put forward a bill requiring companies to get permission from mobile users before sharing their locations data with others.

Google sued over Android location tracking

Two HTC Inspire 4G users are suing Google over Android’s location-tracking technology. The two Michigan women claim that Google collects location information "covertly, surreptitiously and in violations of law.”