Google and Facebook ramp up lobbying spend

Google and Facebook are pouring money into Washington, spending record amounts on lobbying last year.

New lobbying group draws industry heavyweights

Some of the world's biggest tech companies have joined forces in a new lobbying group aimed at influencing internet regulation.

Google more than doubles lobbying spend

Google's laying out more money on lobbying the US government than Apple, Facebook and Microsoft combined.

Facebook snags two former Bush aides

The hiring of two former Bush aides is expected to help Facebook accelerate its lobbying and public policy efforts on Capitol Hill.

Nevada to consider legalizing self-driving cars

Google's pushing for driverless cars to be made legal in Nevada.

Travel companies set up lobbying group to fight Google/ITA deal

Several online travel companies have teamed up to fight Google's proposed acquisition of ITA Software.

Corn syrup studies clever marketing

Corn syrup is added to a ridiculous amount of the food we eat. But the substance is little more than a chemically engineered sweetener which has been increasingly linked to health problems.

Lobbyists scrap plans to defend cellphone use in cars

A tech industry lobbying group has abandoned its efforts to keep gadget use in cars legal after criticism from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

Consumer Watchdog asks DoJ to break up Google

An independent consumer group will today call on the Department of Justice to consider breaking Google up because of uncompetitive practices.