Microsoft touts next-gen Xbox One as 360 successor

Microsoft unveiled its long-awaited Xbox One today at an event in Redmond, Washington. The successor of the stalwart 360 is expected to act as a hub for games, movies, TV, Internet browsing, music streaming and Skype.

First Riddick trailer is here

Sci-fi action actor Vin Diesel and director David Twohy have posted the first trailer for the upcoming Riddick film.

Xbox 360 references spotted in Windows 8 kernel

Several strings referencing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console have been spotted inside the Windows 8 kernel.

Comcast adds live streaming to iPad and Android apps

Comcast is promising in-home streaming this year on the iPad and Android devices, allowing users to watch live and on-demand content anywhere in the home.

Northern lights to be streamed nightly online

Most of us never get a chance to see the northern lights for real, as they only tend to be visible in the far north - but now there's an alternative.

YouTube trialling live video streaming today

YouTube has started trialling a live video streaming platform in conjunction with Young Hollywood, Next New Netwrorks, Howcast and Rocketboom.

Beceem touts dual WiMAX-LTE chip

Beceem Communications has developed a chip that supports multi-mode operation of both WiMAX and LTE, including live handoffs between the two technologies.

Report: Microsoft prepping new version of Windows Live

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of Windows Live, which has apparently been dubbed "Wave 4" by a team of very bored marketeers.

Report: Xbox 360 to support USB mass storage devices

A firmware update planned for Spring 2010 will reportedly allow Microsoft's Xbox 360 to recognize USB mass storage devices.

Microsoft DCMA slapdown backfires

Redmond has reared its ugly head and roared, slamming government document tipster site Cryptome with a DMCA notice and getting the site taken down by its hosting provider, Network Solutions, all because it dared to post Microsoft’s boring and standard surveillance compliance policy.