Valve getting serious about Steam for Linux

It's been talked about multiple times before, but Steam for Linux might actually be close to a reality.

Hardkernel ODROID-X runs Android with a quad core CPU for $129

When the cheap little $35 Raspberry Pi went on sale, it seemed almost inevitable that the tech market would ultimately be deluged with similar Android or Linux powered devices.

Mini X runs Android apps and Linux on your TV

I think many fans of mobile gaming would agree that playing Android titles like Angry Birds on a large-screen TV instead of a tablet with a relatively small display is definitely a worthwhile experience.

This Linux distro emulates the Commodore 64 OS

One of my all time favorite pieces of geek tech is the Commodore 64.

Dell touts Linux laptop for Android, JS devs

Dell is prepping a dev-centric laptop that runs Ubuntu 12.04 on XPS13 Ultrabook hardware.

Linux might get Steam client as Gabe Newell slams Windows 8

Valve frontman Gabe Newell is reportedly showing his true feelings about the current state of operating systems.

New software turns Android phone into Ubuntu hardware

There is a new trend in smartphones in turning them into computers, and now a new program is bringing the same kind of operating system that real PCs use.

Federal judge dismisses PS3 Linux claims

A federal judge has unceremoniously dismissed all remaining claims that Sony reneged on its promise to allow Playstation 3 video game consoles to function as full-fledged computers.

Tsunami-A OS X trojan spotted in the wild

Security researchers have identified a new backdoor trojan targeting systems running Mac OS X.

Linux-based Meltemi could power low-end Nokia phones

Microsoft’s Windows Phone may have been tapped to power a wide range of Nokia smartphones, but the Finnish-based firm is reportedly coding a new Linux-based OS for lower-end handsets.

Microsoft, Casio ink Linux licensing deal

It looks like Microsoft is about to rake in a lot of money from Casio as the two have just signed a deal for Casio to pay licensing fees over the use of Linux in upcoming products.

Do developers prefer Mac OS to Linux?

Apple’s Mac operating system has reportedly surpassed Linux in popularity as a development environment in North America. 

'Other OS' feature unofficially comes back to PS3

In a twist of irony, hackers have managed to restore the 'Install Other OS' feature to the PS3.

Amazon flirts with Apple iOS devs

It seems as if Amazon is "actively enticing" Apple iOS devs to port certain educational apps to the company’s popular Kindle platform.

Alleged hack cracks PS3 master key

At this week's Chaos Communication Conference, a group of hackers known as fail0verflow appeared to crack the PS3's randomized key cryptography and access the system's master code.

This Steampunk computer is pure Victorian eye candy

The Timekeeper is a hand-made, Steampunk-themed PC that ships with either Windows 7 Home Premium or Linux Ubuntu.

Video: Ubuntu crash lands on Samsung's Galaxy Tab

A talented XDA-Dev team member has managed to boot Ubuntu Linux on Samsung's Galaxy-class Tab.

System76 ships dual-core Linux netbook

System76 is currently selling a dual-core Linux netbook for a sweet $385. The 10-inch mini-laptop is powered by a 1.5GHz Intel Atom chip and runs Ubuntu 10.04.

Jolicloud adopts HTML5 interface

Jolicloud has adopted an HTML5 user interface for version 1.0 of its netbook-friendly operating system.

JooJoo tablet runs Windows 7

A software modder known as DarkDavy has successfully loaded Microsoft Windows 7 onto the Linux-based JooJoo web tablet.