Limewire settles with music industry for $105 million

LimeWire has finally agreed to pay $105 million for promoting illegal filesharing after a protracted five-year legal battle with record execs.

Limewire to close legal business too

Just weeks after closing down its file-sharing site after a four-year legal battle, Limewire has announced that it is shutting its legal online store too.

Limewire "alterna-list" angers music execs

In the wake of the recent Limewire shutdown, many torrent fans are left wondering, what's next?

LimeWire suffers copyright infringement of its own

If LimeWire - recently shut down for encouraging illegal downloads - is to be believed, it may be issuing a few copyright letters of its own.

Digital partisans rescue LimeWire from Hollywood fascists

A clandestine team of digital partisans has successfully rescued the LimeWire file-sharing client from greedy Hollywood fascists.

LimeWire squeezed out of existence

File-sharing site LimeWire has finally thrown in the towel and has closed down, following a ruling from a New York judge.

More publishers circle in on LimeWire for the kill

Following last month's ruling that LimeWire was guilty of copyright infringement, a group of eight music publishers has sued the file-sharing service.

LimeWire defeated in RIAA copyright case

A US District Court has ruled that file-sharing software supplier LimeWire has been inducing copyright infringement, in a decision that could see the end of the company.