Protecting your rep and cred on the web

How to protect your rep and cred on the web? That was the question that arrived in an email a couple of weeks ago. 

Google ordered to censor Autocomplete results

Google's Autocomplete function is continuing to get it into trouble, with a Japanese man becoming the latest to sue over the suggestions it throws out for his name.

Max Mosley sues Google over orgy search results

Former Formula One motor racing president Max Mosley is suing Google in the European courts, with the aim of getting it to change the way it censors search results.

Google Autocomplete is libelous, rules Italian court

On April 1, Google announced that it was hiring 'autocompleters' to make helpful suggestions to users making searches. That was a joke: this isn't.

Tesla sues Top Gear over Roadster 'lies'

Tesla is suing the BBC over a Top Gear program two years ago that it says falsely maligned its Roadster electric car.

Spain tells Google to remove 'libelous' links

Google will this week appear in a Spanish court to fight a government demand to remove search results which have been claimed to be defamatory.

Science writer wins key legal battle

We can all breathe a little easier, here on TG Daily - we can now write what we think with a little less fear of being chucked in a British slammer.