Apple's iPhone is more popular than ever

Apple became the world's top smartphone vendor during the fourth quarter of 2011, with an impressive market share of 23.8%. 

Pics of Tegra 3 LG phone spotted in the wild

LG is apparently ready to step into the market of super-powered smartphone as it plans to launch a phone with a Tegra 3 chip.

LG plans 5-inch smartphone

Right on the heels of Samsung's large Galaxy Note phone, LG is coming forward with a larger-than-usual handset.

Apple jumps to third place in global mobile market

It's certainly not news that Apple is doing well in the US, or in the worldwide smartphone market, but now it's making a significant mark on the entire global handset industry.

Super Bowl TV sales aren't that super

Thanks to a strong holiday season for TV manufacturers, there won't be as many big deals on HDTVs for Super Bowl season.

Google TV at CES was underwhelming

While there were several Google TV products at CES last week, we're still not convinced it is the next big thing.

CES 2012: Voice-actived TVs are here

Being able to control your TV by simply talking to it may be one of the differentiating trends at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

LG 84-inch 3D TV to go on display at CES

Calling it the world's largest 3D TV, LG plans to showcase an 84-inch "Ultra Definition" set at next month's Consumer Electronics Show.

LG phone buyers get free cloud storage

If you own an Android-powered LG phone, congratulations - 50 GB of cloud storage is yours, courtesy of

LG may be next to offer Google TV

Rumors are that LG will be the next company to offer a TV with Google's television operating system, and the first new product for the OS to be unveiled in more than a year.

LG confirms Ice Cream Sandwich plans

LG is promising to offer an upgrade to the latest version of Andoid on at least one of its current high-end smartphones.

Next LG Optimus phone to be HD, LTE

After somewhat muddled excitement with the Optimus 3D, it looks like the next phone to carry LG's new Optimus name will strive to gain more attention.

LG adds to smartphone lineup with cheaper Optimus Sol

LG Electronics has added the more affordable LG Sol (LG-E730) to its Optimus lineup, which boasts many of the same features as other Optimus handsets.

How LG made an early Android mistake

Did you know LG was supposed to be the manufacturer of the world's first Android phone?

LG's glasses-free 3D phone will be just $99

The second smartphone to hit the market with true 3D display functionality will be 50% cheaper than the first.

Apple tests next-gen LCDs for iPad 3

Apple is reportedly testing next-gen liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for its upcoming iPad 3.

Get ready to play all mobile games in 3D

The zany, spherical avians who first gained popularity on the iPhone are about to bring their anger to a whole new dimension.

LG says 80% of consumers prefer passive 3D

An LG-commissioned study reveals the vast majority of consumers don't want expensive active-shutter 3D TVs.

LG Optimus 3D phone will soon be a reality

Just as the world prepares for HTC's glasses-free 3D phone, LG is ready to release its one as well.

LG Revolution comes with Netflix pre-installed

LG is launching the first Android phone with Netflix support out of the box.