Video: LG Optimus G is unveiled

Not wanting to be left in the dust, LG has unveiled its latest smartphone.

Verizon introduces Galaxy Note competitor

Samsung doesn't offer its Galaxy Note tablet-phone on Verizon, so the carrier has turned to LG.

LG reveals LTE Optimus G phone

LG has unveiled its latest addition to the Optimus family of smartphones.

LG touts Game World for CINEMA 3D Smart TVs

Although 3D TV isn't yet mainstream, those with television sets supporting the rapidly evolving format have loudly clamored for content in recent months.

LG Spectrum "very close" to getting Ice Cream Sandwich

The next phone to get Android version 4.0 could be the LG Spectrum.

Onlive announces LG TV partnership

Cloud gaming service Onlive will be integrated into a new line of LG television sets.

LG showcases 5-inch 1080p mobile display

Smartphone displays have become slightly larger, with higher resolutions over the past year. Indeed, it's fairly common for current high-end smartphones to boast HD resolution supporting 720p.

The age of the phablet has arrived

More than 208 million phablets - a hybrid device larger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet - are expected to ship globally in 2015, increasing by a factor of 10 in 2012 from 2011.

LG showcases dual core G2 Smart TV

LG has been in the Smart TV business for a while now and the company is set to launch its latest generation of Google TV sets later this month.

Google TV-powered LG TVs due this month

LG plans to remind the world that Google TV still actually exists.

Samsung and Android are mobile winners

A recent ComScore survey of more than 30,000 US mobile subscribers has determined that Samsung is now the top handset manufacturer with an impressive 26% market share.

LG backs away from Windows Phone

LG has decided that it no longer wants to play the Windows Phone game.

Report: LG to launch 55-inch OLED TV in time for Olympics

Back in 2007, Sony launched the world's first OLED TV, which was rather costly and ultimately pulled from the market due to poor sales.

LG kicks off production of e-paper displays

Flexible e-paper displays have been the stuff of our collective mobile dreams for years, but the technology is typically relegated to showroom floors at CES, MWC and CTIA.

Supply tight for new iPad screens

As predicted, Sharp seems to have failed to come up with the goods, and its LCD panels likely won't be appearing on the new iPad when it hits the stores on Friday.

LG pioneers 3D streaming

LG has become the launch platform for a new 3D streaming standard.

LG unveils three Optimus phones

As LG continues to build its Android-powered Optimus brand, the company has revealed three news phones.

LG unveils ICS-powered Optimus 4X HD

LG is trying to turn the Optimus brand into what the Galaxy brand is for Samsung and the Droid brand is for Verizon.

LG Optimus 3D Max phone coming soon

LG has confirmed that it is working on a successor to its Optimus 3D smartphone, one of the first glasses-free 3D phones on the market.

LG's 5-inch Optimus LTE to come with NFC tags

LG's Optimus LTE phone has already turned heads with its 5-inch display and its 4:3 aspect ratio, but now it's gaining attention for another feature.