House panel wants answers over Swartz prosecution

Two members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are attempting to call the Justice Department to account over the treatment of internet activist Aaron Swartz.

FAA urged to allow portable devices during takeoff

Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski is urging the aviation industry to get a move on and start allowing mobile devices to be used during takeoff and landing.

Einstein's 'God letter' for sale on eBay

A letter written by Albert Einstein in which he gives his views on religion is to be auctioned on eBay next week.

Google under the spotlight over sex trafficking ads

Google's being accused of doing too little to prevent ads from human traffickers from appearing on its sites.

Mark Hurd's seduction technique revealed?

Well, now we know how former HP chief executive Mark Hurd tries to chat women up - and it's not that different from a spotty teenage boy's tactics. Allegedly.

Groupon successfully sells its mobile location plans to Congress

Congress has been grilling Groupon about its controversial mobile location plans, which include sharing more information with its partners.

Top US scientists warn against 'clear-cutting' research programs

As US policymakers debate cutting science spending, more than 140 scientific societies and universities have joined forces to urge US policymakers not to cut out entire programs.

Protect IP Act more restrictive than Chinese law, say profs

More than 90 law professors have written to Congress, claiming that the proposed Protect IP Act, designed to allow the blocking of domains that promote digital piracy, is unconstitutional.

House turns its sights on Apple over new privacy policy

It's Apple's turn to come under scrutiny from senators for its privacy practices. Reps Edward J Markey and Joe Barton (yes, them again) are raising questions with Steve Jobs over Apple’s privacy policy.