HP faces billion dollar law suit

The maker of very expensive printer ink, HP, is facing a $1 billion lawsuit from shareholders over its Autonomy acquisition.

Embattled HP CEO on the chopping block

We may be looking at the final days of Leo Apotheker as the CEO of fledgling company HP.

HP may license WebOS software

In an effort to spread the availability of its mobile operating system, HP is in talks to license the OS to other companies.

HP may open WebOS to other manufacturers

WebOS, the mobile operating system originally owned by Palm and now HP, could become an open platform.

Is Larry Ellison stalking Leo Apotheker?

Oracle's Larry Ellison is reportedly hot on the trail of Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker.

New HP continues to attack old CEO, Mark Hurd

HP essentially forced its once-heralded CEO Mark Hurd to resign because of a rush to judgment on a pending sexual harassment allegation, but now that its newly appointed CEO finds himself in bigger hot water, HP now has to play damage control yet again.

Larry Ellison says the madness must stop

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he is "speechless" over the fact that Hewlett Packard (HP) selected former SAP chief Leo Apotheker to replace Mark Hurd. 

Ex-SAP head Leo Apotheker takes the HP helm

HP has picked ex-SAP CEO Leo Apotheker as its new CEO, in a move which has taken some analysts by surprise.