Do Not Track bill is back on the table

Impatient with the glacial progress so far, Senator Jay Rockefeller is having another shot at getting a Do Not Track bill through Congress.

'Cat signal' marks launch of Internet Defense League

The internet has a new crusader to defend it: the Internet Defense League, which has launched with a fanfare and its own 'laughing cat' version of the bat signal.

Distracted driving laws in disarray, says researcher

The current lack of consensus about distracted driving in the US has one advantage, say scientists at Temple University - it means it'll be easier to work out which laws make sense and which don't.

Does MTV's "Skins" show too much?

Just as soon as "Skins" is imported to the U.S. from England, American parents start to protest, urging the Senate to investigate child pornography charges.

Pressure grows for online privacy bill

Senator John F Kerry is calling for an online privacy bill to give people more control over how their personal information is collected and distributed online.