Is Nintendo Facing a Hard Road on the Comeback Trail?

As we just reported on TGD, at least one publication feels that Nintendo could be the comeback kid this year in the video game world after some tough times. We think this could be a very good year for gaming, especially considering consoles have been selling like crazy over the Xmas holidays, and Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers was voted one of the best titles of 2013. 

Is Nintendo on the Verge of a Big Comeback?

While gaming went in the toilet during the recession, just like everything else did, the video game market has been making big comeback strides in the last two years with the success of Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops, GTA V, and more. And now one report tells us Nintendo could be on the verge of a big comeback as well. 

Have the Mario Brothers Been Successfully Reinvented?

Movies get rebooted all the time, and video game companies have also rebooted some of their classic titles as well. Tomb Raider was recently given a whole new look, and there’s a new Mario Brothers game out in the world. So has the classic franchise been reinvented for today’s generation? 

Some Thoughts On the Passing of Nintendo Giant Hiroshi Yamauchi

Long time readers of TGD know we love games and the gaming world, which is why we were sad to learn about the passing of Hiroshi Yamauchi, the big cheese in charge of Nintendo, who was largely credited for leading the company to glory. 

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia hits #1 on Amazon

Have you every met any hard-core fans of The Legend of Zelda? I'm sure we all have, but I honestly never realized how many of them there were out there.

Blade and Mana: The Master Sword

For as long as there have been warriors in our stories, there have been magical weapons for them to wield, and the sword is the most typical of these. Swords themselves are important symbols even without magic.