Nissan turns (legal) robotic street driving into a reality

Autonomous driving, whether or not you like it, is coming. Not tomorrow, and perhaps not in three years as Tesla Motors hopes. But it will be here, perhaps as early as the end of this decade.

Major cybercrime ring busted by Europol

The European police agency Europol has confirmed that it successfully dismantled one of the most efficient cyber crime organizations in operation. 

Browsing child porn is legal in New York

Looking at child porn on the internet is legal in New York, the Court of Appeals has ruled.

Sherlock Holmes may not be so elementary after all

Last week, CBS ordered a pilot for a new show tentatively dubbed Elementary, a crime procedural which places Sherlock Holmes in modern-day New York City.

Developers release legal Siri port

Two hackers have come up with a Siri port that they say brings all the voice assistant's functionality to any jailbroken iOS 5 device - legally.

HTC still planning an appeal in Apple lawsuit

HTC and Apple are writing a public saga worthy of Tolkien. Even though HTC has made it known that they are receptive to making a deal with Apple, they are still planning on escalating their legal battle with them.

Flying car cleared for use on US roads

The Terrafugia flying car is now legal for use on the roads, following a grant of special exemptions by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Limewire settles with music industry for $105 million

LimeWire has finally agreed to pay $105 million for promoting illegal filesharing after a protracted five-year legal battle with record execs.

WSJ launches WikiLeaks wannabe

The Wall Street Journal has officially launched SafeHouse. Clearly modeled on the controversial WikiLeaks website, SafeHouse allows users to anonymously upload and submit tips, documents and files.

Intel says 2015 will be the Cloud computing tipping point

Intel, like many other industry heavyweights, believes we are navigating towards a cyber future that will be heavily dominated by Cloud-based  computing.

Class-action suit launched over HP's takeover of Palm

They can move fast when it suits them, lawyers, and a Pennsylvania firm has already launched a class action lawsuit against the directors of Palm over its proposed acquisition by HP.