Preserving the legacy of the X-ray universe

Every year, October is designated as American Archive Month. While many people may think “archive” means only dusty books and letters, there are, in fact, many other types of important archives. This includes the use of archives for major telescopes and observatories like NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Report: Eastern US water supplies threatened by a legacy of acid rain

Human activities are changing the water chemistry of many streams and rivers in the Eastern U.S., with consequences for water supplies and aquatic life, so reports a new study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Tron hits 30

It’s preaching to the converted, and we’ve preached long and loud about this many times, but the summer of 1982 was a hell of a time for genre fans.

The Tron legacy continues

As readers of TG know, we're big fans of Tron, and I for one can still remember very fondly when I first saw it back in that magical genre summer of 1982. 

Third TRON could go live in 2014

The first TRON movie debuted way back in 1982, with a long-awaited sequel hitting theaters in 2010.

Is the Godfather legacy in danger?

It's strange to think this lawsuit is even happening, especially considering that a sequel to The Godfather was already written some years back.

On the lightning and history of Mortal Kombat Legacy

The Mortal Kombat web-series has hit its seventh episode, and it’s coming along well, if a bit disjointed.

FTC issues fine over fake online reviews

The Federal Trade Commission has come down hard on a company which was found to be posting fake reviews of its products online.

Will Google's Chrome OS run Windows apps?

Google is reportedly adding support for legacy PC apps to its upcoming web-based Chrome operating system.