This light is powered by gravity

EarthTechling has featured LED lights powered by solar energy, wind energy, and even human energy. But each of these has obvious limitations–sometimes there’s no direct sunlight, the wind won’t blow, or you don’t feel like cranking on a handle.

The $80 billion LED lighting market has a silicon beatdown

A new market research report from Lux Research highlights the dynamics of competitive wafer technologies in a pretty humongous business. I did not know that LED lights are the new bling.  

Artist creates temporary graffiti wall from water and LEDs

Graffiti is one of those things in life that proves beauty really is "in the eye of the beholder."

Are LED lights hazardous to your health?

Reds are the worst. They have eight times the amount of lead allowed under California law. But all of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) tested by UC Irvine scientists were brimming with toxins - lead, arsenic and many other potentially hazardous substances - linked to cancer and other horrible diseases and maladies.