Bilingual babies learn grammar by seven months

Babies can distinguish between, and begin to learn, two languages with vastly different grammatical structures at just seven months old, say scientists.

EEG shows aptitude for video games

Scientists say they can predict who will improve most on an unfamiliar video game by looking at their brain waves using an EEG.

Do mice learn to sing the way humans learn to talk?

Mice can learn new songs from one another in the same way as human beings and song birds, scientists say they were surprised to discover.

Improve your piano playing while you sleep

Playing music while you sleep can help improve your ability to play the same tune, new Northwestern University research suggests.

Team demos Matrix-style automatic learning

Scientists say they've found a way for people to learn to play a piano, fly a plane or hit a curve ball with little or no conscious effort.

Father of the iPod reinvents the thermostat

The creator of the iPod has developed a new must-have gadget, a - wait for it - thermostat.

Computer learns human language to teach itself to play games

MIT's developed a machine-learning system that allows a computer to read the instructions for playing Civilization - in one of several different languages - and improve its game.