Astronauts repair International Space Station (ISS) leak

Over the weekend, the stalwart crew of the International Space Station (ISS) worked overtime to fix a leaking cooling network outside the orbital outpost.

Claim: Intel's Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E SoC is only 10% faster

Hardcore tech enthusiasts are often quite excited when hardware benchmarks tip up before they are officially available.

Report: Xbox 720 has 8 x64 cores running at 1.6 GHz

We already know quite a bit about Sony's recently announced PlayStation 4. However, official details about Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next) are few and far between.

Alleged Kinect Xbox 720 (Next) specs leak

All attention may be focused on Sony's Playstation 4 console which is likely to make its debut today. However, these alleged Kinect 2.0 specs are probably worth checking out.

Report: Samsung ready to launch high-res tablet

Odds are the tech world will be deluged with new Android tablets and smartphones when Mobile World Congress kicks off this February.

Report: Early Halo 4 players banned from Xbox Live

Microsoft isn't taking kindly to gamers who managed to snag illicit copies of Halo 4 well ahead of the title's official launch on November 6.

Sony halts Experia sales over manufacturing defect

Sony has suspended sales of its Android-based Experia Tablet S, after discovering a manufacturing flaw.

Android Jelly Bean leaks for Sprint Galaxy S III

Samsung's Galaxy S III is one of the sweetest smartphones on the mobile market. The only thing that could possibly make it better? Yes, you guessed it - Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1). 

Halo 4 ending may have leaked

The long-awaited Halo 4 - slated to launch this November - is shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated video games of the year. 

Leaked Halo 4 footage on VHS tape... seriously

What may well be one of the weirdest, strangest, and most bizarre leaked video game footage in the history of the industry has just turned up online.

Dell Windows 8 tablet specs get detailed

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS will be targeted at mobile devices as well as traditional PCs. As such, a number of industry heavyweights are prepping a wide variety of tablets in various form factors, including Dell.

Anti-climate science group threatens mass lawsuits

A libertarian thinktank devoted to rubbishing climate change is threatening to sue anybody commenting on certain leaked documents - even where the papers are genuine, it says.

Howard Stern rants over Super 8 leak

It's a given that the major studios are scared to death of piracy. Who can blame them? I mean, just look at what file sharing did to the music business.

Foxconn workers charged over leak of iPad 2 specs

Three workers from the notorious Foxconn plants in Shenzhen have reportedly been arrested for leaking the iPad 2's design.

Bowie's "Toy" hits BitTorrent

David Bowie's unreleased album "Toy" is an enigma no more thanks to a diehard fan and BitTorrent.

OpenLeaks goes live - because someone leaked it

OpenLeaks - the breakaway whistle-blowing site created by defectors from Wikileaks - has gone live.

Hapless Googler fired over leaked memo

A hapless Googler is looking for a new job after leaking an internal memo about a company-wide, 10% pay raise.

Discovery launch delayed till end of month

After a week in which the final launch of space shuttle Discovery has been postponed on an almost daily basis, NASA has announced that it won't be taking off until at least the end of the month.

Fuel leak shouldn't delay shuttle flight, says NASA

NASA is pressing ahead with last-minute repairs to the Discovery space shuttle in order to hit the planned November 1 launch date.

Researcher 'leaks' 100 million Facebook IDs

Shock, horror: loads of publicly-available data has been, er, leaked to the public on BitTorrent.