If Twitch is bigger than TV then Nicole Slaw is the new Olivia Munn

According to Twitch.TV, its service is causing people to turn off television in favor of video game playing, and to be more precise, the watching of people playing video games. 

Is Gaming Really a Sport?

Video games take a lot of practice, endurance, and hand / eye coordination. But come on, can we really compare it to real sports? You may recall some time back on TGD that we reported that a competition for League of Legends had formed, somewhat like a video game Olympics, and in this case, gaming was officially classified as a sport.

League of Legends Gamers Now Considered Athletes

When I spotted this story online, I definitely found it amusing. When we think of athletes, we think of people who compete for hundreds of millions of dollars in arenas all over the world. But gamers? Could playing video games even be considered a sport? 

Lulz Security fires a DDoS salvo at online gamers

The online gaming world is reeling following a Tuesday filled with non-stop DDoS attacks against a number of industry heavyweights.