Children given lead poisoning by battery industry

Battery recycling plants in the developing world are leaving local children with dangerous levels of lead in their bodies.

Planet is almost as dense as lead

Astronomers have discovered the densest rocky planet yet. Named 55 Cancri e, it's 60 per cent larger in diameter than Earth but eight times as massive - making it twice as dense as Earth, and almost as dense as lead.

Are LED lights hazardous to your health?

Reds are the worst. They have eight times the amount of lead allowed under California law. But all of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) tested by UC Irvine scientists were brimming with toxins - lead, arsenic and many other potentially hazardous substances - linked to cancer and other horrible diseases and maladies.

'Eco' lights could cause cancer

LEDs are one of the few types of lighting that actually give you enough light to see by, while still being good for the environment... or maybe not.